If you remember I was telling you how my system was slow on Fedora 11and how it will alarm me of a kernel error every now and then. I never cared. But it turned out to be a big mistake. Once I rebooted the system, it went crazy and the GUI crashed and some geeky error messages came on the screen, As a newbie I was sure there is nothing much to do other than reinstalling.

The scenario wasn’t different even after reinstalling. The system crashed again at the second boot. Enough was enough, I decided, Either the distro isn’t stable or my system isn’t mature enough to handle an advanced operating system. Any how I wanted my system back in working condition. My mind begged for the stability of my old OpenSUSE system. Alas! The copy I had has gone corrupted. But so strong was my will and highly demanding was the situation that I somehow managed to get hands on one by the end of the day. An old friend from college had a copy.

I was sure about everything obout the distro other than the feasibility of the old internet trick. The installation technique in SUSE differed very much from Fedora. But I believed I could somehow make it work, And my belief was justified.

Kppp wasn’t present in my installation. So I had to install it later. But it was an easy and seamless job. YaST did a wonderful job and it is an innovation of a kind. If ever you are going to work with SUSE you are going to appreciate the cool software management tool. Installation of Kppp took me less than 3 minutes. I configured it like earlier and was soon browsing.

But a new challenge arouse. Once I logged out of root privilege Kppp wasn’t letting me log in. I later found out it is a design flaw of t Kppp (or is it a feature) and there are methods to overcome it. I followed the steps given on this page. Please check it. I think it is a solution for an older version of OpenSUSE. Though the former method didn’t work for me I was able to implement the graphical solution.

Even though the steps may differ, there exists workarounds for the above issue in other distros too. Please use Google and you will find them.