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Christy is so happy.
Christy is so happy.

Hi, I am Christy John, a computer programmer from Kerala, India. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering.

Since the earlier days of engineering I was interested in computers but it developed into nothing more than general awareness. I was never a geek, rather was a mediocre student. But there were a lot of geeks who wrote real code in my college. I only met most of them after college. A chance introduction to a couple of them kindled an aspiration of greatness in me. Thus I started looking real deep into coding. Since then I’m putting on a sincere effort to become a good programmer and do some real programming(open source). So far I have attained only very little success but that’s okay, since I’m just learning to walk. I hope I will soon be running and look upon to days of attaining programming sainthood.

This site is actually a collection of questions I have, little pearls of wisdom I collect on my way to intellectual nirvana and my bizarre theories in the field of computing and other related fields. You may find some to be helpful while others outright outrageous. Nevertheless I opine in a passionate way. You are free to come in, look around, find inspiration, get help, clear my doubts and even contest my theories. Only through sharing can a human mind advance.

Please feel free to leave comments. Those who don’t want to opine openly can drop in a mail at christy[dot]livefree [at] gmail [dot] com.

Now that you have read all this, I have to add that since starting this blog, I have moved to a permanent address under http://christyjohn.org. However rather than ditching the site I decided to use this for a completely different purpose from now on. This site would be hosting snippets of PHP code from now on. And my homepage will host all my other development and software related posts.

Why two blogs? Why not include PHP also in my main blog?
1. I may not be coding PHP full time from now on. It’ll depend on the job I get. So this site is serving the purpose of hosting code which I may find helpful if I ever need to comeback to PHP.
2. All the code in here are not mine. Some are code shared in other sites. Wherever possible I’ll provide attribution.
3. Most of the code are just beginner level. So I didn’t find it useful in including at the main homepage.

So this codes mainly focus beginner level PHP coders. Gurus among us can search some other site for enlightenment.

The following are some of my online profiles


Stack Overflow





Christy John


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