Stepping into the world of Perl.

Alan Haggai Alavi a friend of mine and another Perl hacker introduced me to Perl a few days back. He has been doing steady Perl coding for a while and has submitted some modules in CPAN and is a known name among some elitist coders in the Perl community. I am happy to have him as my friend.

Much to the anger of the die hard Perl hackers, I was also an ignorant fellow who confused Perl to be synonymous wih cgi. But Haggai and some reading on the matter got rid of the misinformation. Haggai showed me some samples of a CMS he was developing in Perl. It is using catalyst as the frame work. He showed me how to do a Unit Test, though most of it was Latin to me, since I haven’t yet done Test driven development (I know for a programmer with more than 2 years of experience it is a shame, What to do, all the work I have done so far didn’t demand one. I’m pretty beginner.). However this got me excited and I started looked into Perl.

There are so much myths regarding Perl and I’m yet to gain experience to believe or dispel one. From what I heard from people who actually code Perl is that Perl is robust, powerful and a less restrictive language. So I’m going to learn it.

One more thing I love about Perl is the passion among Perl coders. They will Eat, Drink and Sleep Perl and will do anything and everything for the language. I haven’t seen such a kind of emotion in no other language community. Also the Perl coders are humble. They don’t belittle other languages. They even tell people to learn more languages to experience the difference and gain wisdom. This is some kind of emotion which isn’t seen elsewhere. For an experience, ask a python programmer what he feels about Perl. I think this cool behavior of Perl programmers must have been inherited from Larry Wall (I don’t know him personally. But I read he is a very religious guy. So it implies he is humble).

Haggai also introduced me to Ohloh and Stack Overflow. Since I haven’t developed any open source software and isn’t yet a genius my rating there is very poor. But I believe I can improve in the coming days.

I also decided to join the Iron man competition.Maybe I’m vain, but I have a dream. One day I too will a known name in the open source community. Like Matt S Trout, Shlomi Fish, Randal Schwartz, brian d foy, Larry Wall (Oh, God! I’m really vain)  one day Perl community will know me too.